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   ; {{:icons8-about-64.png?nolink&22}} [[about]]   ; {{:icons8-about-64.png?nolink&22}} [[about]]
 {{ :ukraine-heart-2.png?80|STOP RUSSIA}} {{ :ukraine-heart-2.png?80|STOP RUSSIA}}
-: [[about#contact|contact]], [[about#management|management]], [[about#institute_council|IC]], [[about#departments|departments]], [[about#statements|statements]]+  : [[about#contact|contact]], [[about#management|management]], [[about#institute_council|IC]], [[about#departments|departments]], [[about#statements|statements]]
   ; {{:icons8-helping-hand-64.png?nolink&22}} [[help|HELP for students]]   ; {{:icons8-helping-hand-64.png?nolink&22}} [[help|HELP for students]]
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