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The basic unit of studies at SEAS is a course. There are two basic course types, seminars (practical courses) and lectures (theoretical courses). Exams, consultation, and thesis writing are also technically courses.

Courses advertised by SEAS can be searched for in our Course Catalogue. Many teachers upload stuff to the course material page.

types of courses


Seminars are courses held in groups of usually 10–20 students. Ideally they involve lively discussions, regular attendance, often homework, in-class tests, longer home assignments. Seminars have a strict absence policy.


Lectures are courses held in larger lecture halls for the whole student body. Most lectures do not require attendance (the curriculum indicates if they do), the only obligation is taking the end-term examination.

examination course

An examination course only consists of an examination. Some examination courses are linked to a lecture course that is not offered in every term. These typically require you to have taken the given lecture course in an earlier term, failing to take its examination. Language examinations are always examination courses, though they are often preceded by language seminars.


If you have completed courses outside SEAS, you may transfer (some of) them to your programme at SEAS. An external course must cover a minimum of 75% of the course here. This percentage is decided by the relevant credit transfer officer at SEAS (typically the heads of departments).

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