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formal requirements for theses

Students must be able to demonstrate a high level of academic achievement in synthesising the knowledge acquired during their studies. They must also show that they have acquired the expertise in writing a longer piece of scientific work in the field of their choice. All this must be achieved using the appropriate methodological and stylistic apparatus required in an English academic setting.

BA theses

  • The thesis must be produced electronically. The required length is minimally 40000n (characters) including spaces, that is, approximately 20 pages with double line spacing. The certificate of research, title page, abstract, table of contents, notes, references and appendices are not included in this length. The language of the Thesis is English. The technical apparatus should be consistent and should conform to the English or American norms, and to the conventions of the particular subject. The latter are to be discussed with the supervisor. (For further details also consult the specific requirements of the Departments.)
  • Use an appropriate (1, 2) 12pt serif font and 1in (2.5cm) margins.
  • The thesis must include a certificate of research before the title page. Here is the suggested text, you can just copy & paste it, or download that provided by the Fac.

By my signature below, I certify that my ELTE B.A. thesis, entitled ~The title of your thesis comes here~, is entirely the result of my own work, and that no degree has previously been conferred upon me for this work. In my thesis I have cited all the sources (printed, electronic or oral) I have used faithfully and have always indicated their origin. The electronic version of my thesis (in PDF format) is a true representation (identical copy) of the printed version.
If this pledge is found to be false, I realize that I will be subject to penalties up to and including the forfeiture of the degree earned by my thesis.
Date: ~the date~     Signed: ~your signature~ (just write your name here)

  • The title page should look like this (click to enlarge):
  • The title page is to be followed by the table of contents, and abstract (if required by host department).
  • If you submit a hard copy, the front cover should look like this (click to enlarge). The hard cover is usually black, the colour of the writing on hard cover is usually gold. The hardcover layout is compulsory, being set by the Faculty.

MA theses

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