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English-speaking cultures — language, culture, communication and learning

The following list offers seven broad areas (and NOT titles!) in which DELP tutors offer supervision for BA theses, along with a few examples of possible topics within each area. (To find out how to find a supervisor, please go to: BA thesis topics and requirements.)

  1. The customs, traditions, civilisation of English-speaking cultures e.g., Pop culture, political issues, influential people, a selected period in history, a selected region, etc. (L)
  2. Australia (offered by the Australian Studies Programme) e.g., A selected period of Australian history, aspects of Aboriginal life and cultural practices, current issues, political issues, aspects of Australian art or culture, etc. (L)
  3. The relationship between language and culture e.g., How culture reveals itself in the language, facets of culture through literature/music/art, the translation of culture-specific expressions, etc. (L)
  4. Intercultural communication e.g., Cultural awareness, culture shock, successful intercultural communication, the relationship between language, culture and communication, etc. (L)
  5. English in the media e.g., On-line communication, English as the lingua franca/International English, EU institutional English, “media English”, etc. (L)
  6. The role of English in Hungary and in the world e.g., Attitudes towards learning English, English and other languages, English-language signs and notices in Hungary, etc. (IS/T)
  7. Investigating aspects of learning English e.g., Learning English through self-study/e-learning songs, games, the Internet, jokes, etc., short-cuts to vocabulary expansion, the treatment of articles/modals/gerund etc. in course books, investigating private teaching, culture in coursebooks, etc. (IS/T)

(L) - mainly library based research

(IS) - includes elements of independent study/investigation (e.g., interviews, questionnaires)

(T) - especially recommended to students planning on embarking on a teaching career later on

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