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BA in English and American studies: American track

If you are a BA student majoring in English and American studies in your first year and you wish to continue your studies in the American track, you have to inform us of your intention in an email to before the January deadline, like this:

name: Familyname Givenname
code: N3PTUN
track: AME

Please send mail form an address you regularly check, as we will be using it for further communication with you (note that Hotmail and Yahoo often reject mail from, if possible please use some other address). The body of the message should contain three lines, each beginning with the words shown above, followed by a colon (:), followed by the appropriate data. If your message could be successfully processed, you will get a response saying so. If not, you will get a response with a report of what’s wrong. In the latter case, send the message again, correcting the mistakes. If you see your code listed at, your request was registered.

If you should change your mind and would rather take the English track, just send another message before the deadline replacing track: AME with track: ANG.

In January you may receive further notification on how the selection of students into the American track will proceed. There might be a short interview in the second half of January. For further details see: American Track FAQ

How to make the choice between the English and the American track? Read on…

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