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Erasmus+ 2nd call for Spring 2021

in English: in Hungarian :

Accepted students will receive the opportunity until 30 September 2021 to:

  • Study as an exchange student without paying any tuition fee at one of the partner universities within the European Union.
  • Complete a professional internship (at least two months) at a university abroad, or at a for- or non-profit organisation.
  • Complete a professional internship after graduation at a university abroad, or at a profit or non-profit organisation.

Who can apply?

  • You can apply for scholarship in 3 places simultaneously, indicating your preference in your Application Form downloadable from:
  • BA students: 2 completed terms (in English studies) necessary;
  • MA students (ANGD, AMED) and phasing-out students (TANM-ANG): 1 completed term (in English/American Studies) necessary;
  • Those studying for an MA Teacher’s Degree (osztott és osztatlan): You can only apply if BTK is your home faculty.
  • You can only apply to the following universities:
  • Ankara(TR ANKARA24), Szabó Éva, BA+MA: 2, OTAK: yes
  • Bamberg(D BAMBERG01), Kálmán Csaba, 230, BA+MA: 2, OTAK: no
  • Barcelona(E BARCELO01), Szécsényi Krisztina, 222, BA+MA: 2, OTAK: yes
  • Bilbao (E BILBAO02), Szécsényi Krisztina, 222, BA: 1, OTAK, yes
  • Bratislava(SK BRATISL02), Szécsényi Krisztina, 023, BA: 2, MA: 2, PhD: 2, OTAK: yes
  • Brno(CZ BRNO05), Illés Éva, 114, BA+MA: 1, OTAK: yes
  • Canakkale(TR CANAKKA01), Illés Éva, BA: B1 EN/TR, 0232, BA: 2, OTAK: no
  • Cyprus(CY NICOSIA01), Kenyeres János, BA: 1, OTAK: yes
  • Firenze(I FIRENZE01), Pikli Natália, 232, BA+MA+PhD: 2
  • Heidelberg(DE HEIDELB01), Kenyeres János, 222, BA+MA+PhD: 1, OTAK: yes
  • Isparta(TR ISPARTA01), Illés Éva, 222, BA+MA: 2, OTAK: yes
  • Izmir(TR IZMIR01), Szabó Éva, 023/0114, BA+MA+PhD: 2, OTAK: yes
  • Komarno(SK KOMARNO01), Kálmán Csaba, 230/232, BA+MA: 4, OTAK: no
  • Kongsberg(N KONGSBE01), Eitler Tamás, 222, BA+MA: 1, OTAK: no
  • Konin(PL KONIN02), Illés Éva, 222, BA: 1, OTAK: no
  • Konstanz(D KONSTAN01), Eitler Tamás, all, BA+MA: 2, OTAK: yes
  • Košice(SK KOSICE02), Czigányik Zsolt, 220, BA: 2, MA: 2, OTAK: yes
  • Leuven(B LEUVEN01), Eitler Tamás, 222, BA+MA+PhD: 2, OTAK: no
  • Lille(F LILLE 03), Szabó Éva, 023, BA+MA+PhD: 1, OTAK: yes
  • Limerick(IRL LIMERIC01), Illés Éva, 222, BA: 2, OTAK: yes
  • Ljubljana(SI LJUBLJA01), Kenyeres János, 222, BA+MA: 2, OTAK: yes
  • Łódź(PL LODZ01), Illés Éva, 222, BA+MA: 2, OTAK: yes
  • Lublin(Jana Pawla II) (PL LUBLIN02), Szécsényi Krisztina, 222, BA+MA+PhD: 4, OTAK: yes
  • Madrid(E MADRID03), Eitler Tamás, 230,232, BA+MA+PhD: 6, OTAK: yes
  • Marburg(D MARBURG01), Kenyeres János, BA/MA: C1 EN, 222, BA+MA: 1 in even year, 2 in odd year, OTAK: yes
  • Munich(D MUNCHEN01), Timár Andrea, BA/MA: B2 DE, 023, BA+MA: 1, OTAK: yes
  • Naples(I NAPOLI02), Kenyeres János, 023, BA+MA:1, OTAK: yes
  • Nice(F NICE01), Szécsényi Krisztina, PhD: C1 EN, 220, PhD: 2, OTAK: no
  • Osijek(HR OSIJEK01), Illés Éva, 220, BA: 2, MA: 2, PhD: 2, OTAK: yes
  • Ostrava(CZ OSTRAVA02), Eitler Tamás, BA+MA+PhD: 2, OTAK: yes
  • Passau(D PASSAU01), Eitler Tamás, 023, BA+MA: 2, OTAK: yes
  • Plzen(CZ PLZEN01), Kálmán Csaba, 023, BA+MA: 2, OTAK: yes
  • Poitiers(F POITIER01), Eitler Tamás, 222, BA+MA+PhD: 1, OTAK: yes
  • Prague(CZ PRAHA07), Pikli Natália, 222, BA+MA+PhD: 2, OTAK: yes
  • Prešov(SK PRESOVO01), Eitler Tamás, 222, BA+MA: 1, OTAK: no
  • Riga(LV RIGA01), Eitler Tamás, 023, BA: 2, OTAK: no
  • Rome(I ROMA01), Cseh Dániel, B1 IT, 222, BA+MA: 1, OTAK: yes
  • Split(HR SPLIT01), Czigányik Zsolt, MA/PhD: 222, BA: 2, MA: 2, PhD: 2, OTAK: yes
  • Thessaloniki(G THESSAL01), Czigányik Zsolt, 222, BA+MA: 1, OTAK: yes
  • Zagreb(HR ZAGREB01), Illés Éva, MA: C1 EN, 220, BA: 2, MA: 2, OTAK: yes

IMPORTANT! There are some universities with language requirements OTHER than English B2:

Universitat De Barcelona - Spanish B1
Universidad Complutens de Madrid - Spanish B2
Philipps-Universität Marburg - English C1
Ludwig Maximilians Universitaet München - German B2
Universite de Nice-Sophia Antipolis - English C1 for PhD
Universitá degli Studi di Roma-La Sapienza - Italian B1
University of Split - English C1 for MA, PhD
Utrecht University - English C1 for MA
University of Zagreb - English C1 for MA


Please submit one complete application package per university in three different ways: upload it to Neptune (electronically), send it to (electronically, 1 zip file per university), and submit one hard copy of application documents to Péter Kovács in R357 or in the box outside.


8 pm Budapest time, 5 October, 2020

Your SEAS application package should include the following:

  1. Signed Application Form (Pályázati űrlap) available from Neptun or from : 1 copy per university.
  2. CV in English. 1 copy per university.
  3. Motivation Letter in English, highlighting the relevance of your choice of institution to your studies at ELTE and to your background. 1 copy per university.
  4. Study and Research Plan, with detailed information and justification for your specific course selection and your expectations as to how you would benefit from the selected courses, in English. Try to find courses at the host university whose contents that are similar to the ones you would take at SEAS, so that the credits can be accepted by ELTE. 1 copy per university.
  5. Authenticated credit list with courses and grades scanned: 1 copy per university. All issued by Tanulmányi Hivatal/Registrar’s Office. Self-printed Neptun printscreens will not be accepted.
    • BA and OTAK: from the previous two completed semesters
    • MA and 2-year Teaching MA: from the previous semester or two completed MA semesters
    • 1st year MA student: from the last two BA semesters
  6. Copies of language proficiency certificates. 1 copy per university.
  7. MA and PhD students: Copy of BA and MA Degree Certificate/Diploma. 1 copy per university.
  8. Optional documents for extra points: Letter of Recommendation, awards, any relevant work, etc. 1 copy per university.
  9. Recommendations are accepted from SEAS faculty only.
  10. Foreign citizens: copy of valid residence permit or refugee status certificate. 1 copy per university

Do not forget to include the documentation of any of the following for extra points:

  • Any extracurricular activity paid or unpaid (e.g., voluntary work for an organisation)
  • Outstanding sports achievements
  • OTDK awards
  • Membership of professional organisations
  • Recipient of the ELTE BTK research scholarship
  • Documented research (e.g., conference presentations, SEAS Poster Presentation Day, publications)
  • Member of a college (Szakkollégium)
  • Tutoring
  • Conference organisation (e.g., HUSSE at SEAS, CADAAD, ICS1 at SEAS)
  • TDK
  • Demonstrator/teaching assistant position at a SEAS department


- about Neptun-bound electronic application: Please follow the guidelines in the ELTE call and contact Ms Izabella Deák ( at International Office if you have any queries.

- about SEAS-bound application: Please contact Péter Kovács, SEAS secretary ( or Csaba Kálmán, SEAS Erasmus Coordinator (

There will also be two online faculty briefing sessions on MS Teams:

  • at 2 pm on 22 September and
  • at 11 am on 24 September

If you would like to take part in one of the sessions, please register here in advance:

We wish you good luck with your application!

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