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about the School

The School of English and American Studies (SEAS) (Angol‚ÄďAmerikai Int√©zet (AngAmInt) in Hungarian) is a part of the Faculty of Humanities (BTK) of E√∂tv√∂s Lor√°nd University (ELTE). Its campus is situated in the centre of Budapest, Hungary.


R√°k√≥czi √ļt 5, 1088 Budapest, Hungary OpenStreetMap Google Maps
+36 1 4855200×4422
office hours
from September: Mon, Tue, Thu 10:00‚Äď12:30, 13:30‚Äď15:00; Wed, Fri 08:00‚Äď12:00

antidiscrimination policy

Az ELTE BTK Angol-Amerikai Int√©zete elk√∂telezetten t√°mogatja a v√©lem√©nynyilv√°n√≠t√°s szabads√°g√°t valamint az emberi jogok √©s m√©lt√≥s√°g tiszteletben tart√°s√°t etnikai √©s szocio-kultur√°lis h√°tt√©r, nem, vall√°s, szexu√°lis ir√°nyults√°g, fogyat√©koss√°g, politikai vagy m√°s v√©lem√©ny szerinti k√ľl√∂nbs√©gt√©tel n√©lk√ľl. Mivel a soksz√≠nŇĪs√©get √©s a tiszteletteljes kommunik√°ci√≥t alapvetŇĎnek tartjuk, ugyanezt az elk√∂telezetts√©get v√°rjuk el az Int√©zet valamennyi egyetemi polg√°r√°t√≥l mindennapi √©s szakmai megnyilv√°nul√°saikban.

The School of English and American Studies of the Faculty of Humanities, Eötvös Loránd University, is fully committed both to promoting freedom of expression and to respecting the rights and dignity of all people regardless of their ethnic or socio-cultural background, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and political or other beliefs. As we consider diversity and respectful communication essential, we expect the same commitment from all the students and staff of the School in their everyday and professional discourse and behaviour.

accepted by the Institute Council on 4 October 2011


János Kenyeres, director¤ (R357)
director of research
Vera Benczik, reasearch¤delg0·elte·hu (R447)
director of studies
Tímea Tiboldi, studies¤delg0·elte·hu (R358)
school secretary
Dániel Cseh, schoolsecretary¤delg0·elte·hu (R439)
school Erasmus coordinator
Anna Pereszlényi, erasmus¤delg0·elte·hu (R444)
technical manager
Zoltán Lénárt, lenart·zoltan¤btk·elte·hu (R359)
Barbara, Pálvölgyi, secretary¤delg0·elte·hu (R357)


constitution (in Hungarian)

Institute Council

The legislative body of the School of English and American Studies is the Institute Council. The Council typically meets once a month in the term period, the dates of meetings are available in the calendar. The minutes of meetings are published on the School’s website.

voting members

nonvoting members



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