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department-specific requirements for thesis title announcement

DAS (American)

See the requirements and deadlines for submitting a thesis title to the Department of American Studies here: DAS title submission.

BA thesis guidelines, American track:

American Studies MA thesis guidelines:

DEAL (applied linguistics)

DELG (linguistics)

DELG requires you to agree on a date with the head of the department and find them with the title announcement form signed by the supervisor before the submission deadline.

DELG requires you to agree on your topic with your supervisor and submit the relevant form to Neptun. It may be a good idea to warn both your supervisor and the head of the department that they approve of your request in Neptun.

DELP (language pedagogy)

DES (literature & history)

DES requires you to

  • write a project proposal of about 1200 characters for a BA thesis or 1600 characters for an MA thesis
  • attach a list of critical readings (4 items for a BA thesis, 8 items for an MA thesis)
  • hand in the previous two items and the official form to the DES office (R338) by the required deadline
  • pick up the form after it has been signed and submit it to the Registrar or the Department of International Affairs by the required deadline
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