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English and American studies minor programme

Students of ELTE or other universities whose major is not English may take English as a minor. Students from other universities must make arrangements with the Registrar.

The minor programme does not provide its students with a degree. Students will be provided with a transcript of the list of their courses as a proof of completion.

There is no entrance examination. You should start taking the following courses when you enter the University:

autumn term
BBN-AME-121, BBN-ANG-101, BBN-FLN11-101
spring term
BBN-ANG-141, BBN-ANG-151, BBN-ANG17-211

If you have already taken BBN-FLI11-101 and/or BBN-FLN11-101 as part of another programme, you may ask for a waiver.

This programme does not require you to write a thesis or to take a final examination.

After completing this programme, you will be able to apply for the MA in English, the MA in English with Teaching Qualifications, or the MA in American Studies programmes, but you will need a proficiency exam in English (level C1) too. Check out this site for further information:

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