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term schedules SEAS calendar deadlines

events, news, announcements

Mon 3–Fri 7 May
11th Student Poster Presentation Conference
Mon 19–Fri 23 Apr
Infosztrájk: getting informed about and discussing academic freedom
Wed 17 March, 16:00
A gótika kikel sírjából by EASPop (English and American Studies Popular Culture Research Group)


Tue 22 Dec
Össznyelvész 2020 Conference (in linguistics)
Tue 17 Nov
Shakespeare-kutatás az angolszász világban
Tue 27–Wed 28 Oct
1st English and American Popular Culture Conference (Encounters of the Popular Kind: Traditions and Mythologies in Dialogue
Tue 13 Oct, 14:00–16:00
The Department of English Applied Linguistics of Eötvös Loránd University invites all who are interested to the on-line closing event of the Erasmus+ project entitled “Language Skills of Deaf Students for European Mobility” carried out in collaboration with Czech, Austrian, and British participants. The program includes the introduction of the project and the presentation of the research findings of the Hungarian team. This will be followed by the experience reports of Deaf participants about their process of learning English and the project outputs they participated in. The event is going to conclude with a question and answer session. Venue: MSTeams, register at Sign language interpretation will be provided. All are welcome!
Fri 9 Oct, 17:00–18:30
FORDÍTSUNK! – Mesterek hibái – modern versfordítások angolból, Nádasdy Ádám és Horváth Viktor műhelybeszélgetése, Magvető Café, VII. Dohány utca 13; a Fókusz Könyváruházon (Rákóczi út 14) át egy kis folyosón keresztül is megközelíthető
Sat 3 Oct, 18:00–18:30
SEAS members on solidarity walk out to SZFE
Thu 1 Oct, 14:00
opening of the Writing Center
Tue 29 Sep, 18:00–20:00
Shakespeare-ünnep (on Facebook), Magyar Shakespeare Bizottság, Dobos Dániel és zenekara, Nádasdy Ádám, Szőnyi György Endre, Dicső Dániel, Schiller Mariann, Reuss Gabriella; D nagyelőadó
Tue 22 Sep, 18:00–19:00
Medgyes Péter, Milyen a jó előadó? (könyvbemutató)
Tue 22 Sep, 18:00–21:00
student forum on the state of universities
Tue 22 Sep, 16:00
ELTE BTK trade union (PDSZ) on a solidarity walk out to SZFE (pic)
Tue 23 Jun, 10:00
Outstanding Thesis Awards gala
Wed 3 Jun
Our colleague Judit Zerkowitz passed away this morning, aged 74. Requiescat in pace.
Wed 22 Apr
Ádám Nádasdy wins the Aegon Literary Award 2020. Congratulations to our colleague!
Wed 4–11 Mar
10th Student Poster Presentation Conference
Thu 6 Feb, 9:30–17:00
The Reel Eye, film festival and workshop ⟦programme
Thu 6 Feb, 15:00
Tibor Frank, A polgári érintkezés modernizálódása a 19. században. An inaugural lecture at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA, Felolvasóterem, 1051 Budapest, Szécsenyi István tér 9)
Tue 4 Feb, 15:00–17:00
SEAS Think Tank 2
Fri 24–Sat 25 Jan
Össznyelvész 2019+ conference
Wed 1 Jan
check your final exam committee


Wed 18 Dec
referee’s reports are available in department offices, get it, look at it before the defence
Thu 12 Dec
SEAS Christmas Party
Fri 29–Sat 30 Nov
conference on US Politics and the Media, programme
Thu 28–Fri 29 Nov
conference on Margaret Atwood 80: Central European Interpretations
Fri 15 Nov
Győző Ferencz has received the József Ürményi Award in recognition of his excellence in teaching, Zsuzsanna Kutasi has received the Ferenc Barkóczy Award for her outstanding work as a librarian (pictures). Congratulations to both colleagues for their achievement!
Fri 8–Sat 9 Nov
Huxley 125 conference
Thu 7 Nov, 13:45–15:15
Diversity Day Event: Diversity in writing styles
Thu 10 Oct
SEAS elections (for Faculty Council and for Institute Council)
11:30–11:45: nomination (R414)
12:30–16:00: voting (R357)
Thu 3 Oct, 18:00
Seamus Heaney memorial lecture (at MTA, Szécsenyi tér 9, 2nd floor)
Thu 3 Oct, 17:00
László Borhi (Indiana University, Bloomington/MTA), The United States and the Cold War in East Central Europe (a public lecture in R356)
Wed 25 Sep
Tibor Fischer at DES
Mon 23 Sep
Miklós Lojkó, What price Brexit? (a public lecture)
Fri 20 Sep
Language Testing and Assessment Conference: New Challenges — Technology and Human Interaction in Language Assessment
Thu 12 Sep
BRaCeLeT talk series #11: Markus Pöchtrager (UniVienna), Recursion and GP 2.0
Tue 10 Sep
BRaCeLeT talk series #10: Markus Pöchtrager (UniVienna), Towards a unified theory of vowels
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